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About HugTalk

HugTalk™ is a unique, dual role communication platform for finding and sharing emotional support. It features user anonymity, supporter ratings and selection criteria, text, voice and video chats.

Each user has two internally linked but publicly independent profiles: "User" and "Supporter" and can switch between them depending on the mood.

"Users" look for emotional support. They search for "Supporters" in accordance with their preferences and "Supporters'" rankings. "Users" are in full control of the relationships. They may remain completely anonymous and safe, and they can chat or make voice or video calls to "Supporters".

"Supporters", on the other hand, cannot choose a " User" to support unless the user reached out to them first. They can not call users either. Supporters may choose to be rewarded for their time while providing voice or video call support by assigning a fee in HugTalk credits. Credits earned this way can be used later for making calls when in need of support.

With HugTalk there is no peer pressure, no need to maintain an artificial happy public persona or to impress anyone, and your personalised emotional support is always just a click away.

How does it work?

Sign Up

To sign up, simply download and install the HugTalk app and click "Create new account" button. There is no need to provide any of the personal information including email at this stage. Your newly created account will have two independant personas automatically created for you - "User XXXX" and "Supporter YYYY". "XXXX" and "YYYY" are unique identification codes.

Configure account

You can configure your accounts by choosing a more recognizable name or alias and sharing information about yourself. "Users" have no need to share any information unless they want to do so. "Supporters" are encouraged to share enough information about themselves so that "Users" could make their choices. We also recommended setting up a recovery email, in case you want to reinstall the app and retain accumulated HugTalk credits.

Choose Supporter

"Users" can search for and select a particular type of supporter with certain rating, interests and responsiveness, and start a text chart. "Users" can also post their question or issue for which they need emotional support on the "Community Wall". A "User" can post up to 3 messages simultaneously. Once messages get picked up and answered by supporters they are removed from the Wall and give start to individual chats.

Calling Supporters

"Users" can call supporters who opted to receive voice and (optional video) calls for support. Making calls may attract a connection fee made of the two components. One fixed component relates to the HugTalk operating costs and the other is what Supporters decided to assign to compensate themselves for their time on the phone. This latter part is variable and optional. You can purchase HugTalk credits via the inbuilt PayPal and Credit Card interface.

App Screenshots

Download HugTalk™ Today!

Press the button below to download the Android version of HugTalk from Google Play . The iPhone version is coming soon.